It was one year ago today

On 26th August 2015 I first encountered the following photo of Valérie Čižmárová on the ‘Discogs’ site, thought, “Hmmm, not bad!” and the rest has been glorious history. Yes, it’s only been one year and already  it’s felt as if I’ve known her for the whole of my life. Maybe it’s been a sort of reverse of ‘The Voice’, when one hears a knockout voice, turns one’s seat and thinks, “Wow!”…in fact, how about a new TV talent show, reversing the way in which ‘The Voice’ goes and where it’s a case of, “she/he can’t possibly be a highly-talented singer as well, can she/he?….oh yes, she/he can!” (initial working title, ‘In For The Looks, Stay For The Talent’ – snappier working title, given the alternative meaning of the word ‘talent’, simply ‘The Talent Show’).

I also thought, “Oh! She’s that relative rarity (to me then) of a singer from the Slovak part of Cezchoslovakia, is she? That’s interesting! From Michalovce, eh? Where’s that? Let’s get the atlas out. It’s THERE!!!???” “I think I’d better go there sometime.”

Of course, I also thought, “Oh no! She’s dead…at 53!!!???”

That’s quite some way to make an acquaintance with somebody!

I had no idea that I’d go to Michalovce as soon as the following March!


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