Všechno nejlepší k 70. narozeninám, Hanka!

Hana Zagorová is 70 today! Hard though that may be to comprehend when one takes a look at the following selection of celebratory videos.

We kick off with Hana’s own covering – to go along with Valérie Čižmárová’s ‘Koko’ – of a Bubblegum-era Sweet disc, ‘Sliby chyby’ (originally ‘Funny Funny’), from 1972, with lyrics by Zdeněk Rytíř. The man on whose shoulders Hana appears to be singing is the comedy actor, Jiří Hrzán.

This is followed by a couple of videos taken from the TV period musical, also from 1972, ‘Miláček’ (the one in which Miluška Voborníková performs ‘Měj mě rád’ at the piano) of Hana, the second accompanied by Waldemar Matuška, demonstrating that she was quite some actress too and I happen to think that she was indeed every inch the seductress that I take it she was playing. The then probably twenty-two year-old Miluška was at least equalled in the ‘wow factor in period costume’ stakes by the then probably twenty-five year-old Hana.

Also, just to show that Hana could wow in contemporary gear, as one who covered a Middle Of The Road song, here’s a get-up that Sally Carr might have worn around the time. The song is from 1973 and entitled ‘Já se vznáším’, with music and lyrics by Jaroslav Uhlíř. Interestingly, the backing vocals are very reminiscent of those on Valérie Čižmárová’s ‘Malý princ’ from that same year. One might have been forgiven for thinking that this too would therefore have been a Zdeněk Němeček composition, but it isn’t.

Finally, by way of a ‘Late News’ item, shoehorned in here,  I’ve been playing some Hana Zagorová in the background at work today in celebration of this momentous occasion and the following track, which was a B-Side from 1969 (‘Písmo maličký’ – music by Karel Svoboda, lyrics by Zdeněk Rytíř) was a real stand-out. Dare I say some more ‘Eastern Soul’? (Just checked at Discogs and unfortunately it isn’t available for sale).






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