An early Christmas present

Having recently embedded one of the two currently-known-to-me covers of Sweet Bubblegum-era discs by the great ladies of Czechoslovakia and having realised that it was quite probable that Hana Zagorová’s ‘Sliby chyby’ would have post-dated Valérie Čižmárová’s ‘Koko’, whereas Sweet’s ‘Funny Funny’ actually pre-dated ‘Co-Co’ I was looking, the day before yesterday, into trying to pin down the transmission date of the televisual performance of ‘Koko’ that is ‘out there’ on YouTube (‘Koko’ is listed as a 1971 release, but there is a copyright notification dated ‘1972’ at the end of the video) and in the process of doing so I might have failed to achieve the aforementioned pinning-down but somehow encountered a very interesting-looking video of Eva Kostolányiová from 1971 that I had not previously seen.

Evidently, the video came from a Slovak TV show ‘Jedlička’ and was clearly in a very ‘Christmassy’ setting. Now that I have recently taken on the habit of taking screen shots of some of the videos into which I am looking in connection with GOTGE I first picked up on the fact that the person seated to the viewers’ right was none other than Eva Kostolányiová’s fellow Slovakian artist, Eva Sepešiová, then became aware that the person seated to the viewers’ left was that other Slovak great, Jana Kocianová, so that represented a very presentable gathering of Soulful voices in that studio in Bratislava and quite some Christmas 1971 present for the viewers (what was Christmas like under Communism, I wonder?). Unfortunately, there was only one actual musical performance from that show – Eva Kostolányiová’s own – I am sure that Eva Sepešiová and Jana Kocianová must have also performed, but it is still quite a thrill to see those three together on TV in 1971.


In this context, it is some realisation that Jana has been seen sitting in some TV studio or other in Bratislava for some four-and-a-half decades, since she has appeared over this past year on both Markiza’s ‘Teleráno’ breakfast TV show and the sort of ‘Loose Women’-like show on RTVS, ‘Dámsky klub’.




Here is the video of ‘Jedlička’.

In the process of (unsuccessfully) looking into either one of Eva S. or Jana appearing on ‘Jedlička’ I stumbled upon the following absolutely astounding masterpiece of ‘Eastern Soul’ from Eva S. This was ‘Chladná cesta’ and was amazingly enough only a BRONZE Rose Winner at the Detva Festival of 1969, on further researching the song – composed by Ervín Kliment, with accompaniment from Pavel Bayerle’s Orchestra. At the slower end of the tempo range this still has the sort of lilt to it to be a Northern-style floor-filler. I also think, even as a great admirer of Valérie Čižmárová, that Eva S. might even be a yet greater Soul voice from the East of Slovakia, on this listening. Incidentally, on looking into why Eva S. wasn’t a bigger star than she eventually became, I think I have deduced why and it has a strange connection with Carene Cheryl. The young Isabelle Morizet, as well as harbouring a desire for a career in showbiz, also had an ambition for a career in medicine. Eva S., too, was a singer who also had medical ambitions and it was medicine that won out in the end, unlike in Carene Cheryl’s  case. I’m somewhat torn as to whether or not that was a good or bad thing. I’m sure that Eva has helped quite a few fellow Slovaks in her medical capacity, but it’s been some loss to the world of Soul.šiová-Marika-Klesniaková-Zuzka-Kollárová-Chladná-Cesta-Mlčaním-Slzy-Nezastavíš-Don/release/7968199


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