GOTGE has been re-branded…

…but the Jitka Zelenková/Valérie Čižmárová theme carries on.

In another one of those cases where I’ve been frantically trying to track down something relevant to my GOTGE research – in this case a photo of Jitka in action at the Bratislavská Lýra of 1969, which I made a mental note to save, but then foolishly went away and forgot about it!  – I didn’t manage to fulfil my appointed task, but did encounter another one of those very evocative images of a GOTGE in action, not on stage, this time, but in the recording studio, the image dating the from the following year, so still firmly in Jitka’s ‘straight-haired period’.

I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity, therefore, to stitch this image together with the one I have already of Valérie, also in action in the recording studio (and looking as glamorous as ever), probably dating from the time in the first half of 1974, when she’d have been recording her eponymous LP, released the subsequent year and to use that (plus a slight variant thereof), variously, as the new ‘signature photo’ for GOTGE, my computer wallpaper, my ‘Gravatar’ and the Web bookmarking image for GOTGE.

It strikes me that, in view of those years in the respective careers of Jitka and Valérie, it is quite possible that Jitka could have been recording ‘Bílá paní’ and that Valérie could have been recording ‘Koňskou dráhou’ – both great favourites of mine. In that respect there could not be a better replacement for the previous classic image of Jitka and Valérie together on the steps of the Karlův Most (Charles Bridge) in Prague, especially since GOTGE is all about the music.

…and here is Jitka’s ‘Bílá paní’.

…and here is Valérie’s ‘Koňskou dráhou’, which isn’t individually ’embed-able’, but it is on the 1975 LP on Spotify.



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