Out of my head

…or it could be ‘Out of my attic’!

…and below is the general outline of ‘The Radio Operators’.

As one can see, things have indeed ballooned over the time I’ve had this idea in my mind and GOTGE is beginning to have an impact on it…if it eventually does get back on track!…although the ‘Jana Friedková’ character, with an ‘ie’ in the surname, might, on reflection, now I know more about the differences between Czech and Slovak, be more likely a Slovak name. In honour of one of my favourite place-names in Slovakia…and a place through which I travelled, maybe she could come from Spišská Nová Ves instead of Brno!

One will note that my thoughts regarding the might-have-been career of Carene Cheryl/Isabelle Morizet are also enacted. It’s quite a handy thing that (a) her Impresario/Record Producer is of Italian origin and that (b) her very early career at Carrère Records ran into potential difficulty when, fearing that «Mémé» Ibach and his young protégée at Productions Ibach might be getting out of hand and rendering the ‘big boss’ irrelevant, Claude Carrère struck back in an internal power struggle with the rather exploitative ‘Pas besoin d’éducation sexuelle’ (‘No Need For Sex Education’) by the then thirteen-year-old Julie Bataille (making her theoretically younger than I would have been at the time) sometime in the Summer of 1975, which would have given both the young Carene and «Mémé» ample motive to ‘jump ship’ to pastures new…possibly with Reinaldo Rizzoli’s ‘Triple-R’ outfit in Milan, with a branch based in Scotland. I stress that I am not going to embed ‘Pas besoin d’éducation sexuelle’ here! If readers want to track down that particularly notorious moment in Pop Music history themselves, they are quite welcome to do so!

In three strange cases of reality catching up with my fantasy, during looking, earlier, into the Czech- and Slovak-language releases of ‘To Sir, With Love’, (‘Panu učiteli s láskou’ and ‘Pánu učiteľovi z lásky’) I encountered the fact that there was a real-life sequel, entitled somewhat less imaginatively ‘To Sir, With Love II’, which completely passed me by…and one will note the presence of a German road- and track-cycling ‘power couple’ in the outline…before I fully became aware of our very own Laura Trott and Jason Kenny!…and – since the plot would be a ‘natural’ for a film – subsequent to my formulating the idea for ‘The Radio Operators’ I have discovered that Karina, mentioned in my introductory ‘sticky’ post, starred in a movie,  (‘En un mundo nuevo’) effectively playing herself, in which, so I have deduced, the course of the history of the Eurovision Song Contest is similarly altered as Karina, in the film, actually goes one better than her actual Runner-Up position at ESC 1971 in Dublin!

As I alluded to…one cannot make it up!(…or can one?)

My favourite ‘creation’ of the lot, however, has to be ‘Bridie Gale’ (the forename based on our ancestral farm, mentioned here on GOTGE, St. Bride’s), real name, Grazia Bordone . Some years ago I was listening to an all-night German ‘Schlager’ radio station and there was played ‘Das ganz große Glück (im Zug nach Osnabrück)’ (‘The Really Great Happiness (On The Train To Osnabrück)’) by Cliff and Rexonah – the ‘Cliff’ being, in reality, a certain Andreas Zaron, (the ‘Rexonah’ being, in reality, Verena Rendtorff) who, it transpired, was a close friend in the Music Biz of the Italian-American (Little) Peggy March, (real name, Margaret Battavio), who went on to become a household name in (West) Germany, singing largely in German, making her something of a linguistic heroine of mine. Well, as one who has actually been on several ‘trains to Osnabrück’ in my time, that is another one of ‘My Tunes’! Interestingly enough, this video was evidently shot in Dresden, through which I’d have travelled on the way to and from Slovakia earlier this year.

…and here is Peggy March, showing how big she was in (West) Germany, filmed singing, in 1971, ‘Einmal verliebt, immer verliebt’ (‘Once In Love, Always In Love’), (showing off a magnificent pair of ‘pins’!) at the then under-construction Olympiastadion in Munich …where apparently, showing how big they were in (West) Germany, Middle Of The Road played at the Opening Ceremony. This is a place, naturally, very high up in the affections of all Norwich City fans such as myself – being the scene of the Canaries’ greatest ever night (Wednesday, 20th October 1993, in the UEFA Cup), becoming, as things then stood, the only British football team ever to come away from playing the great Bayern Munich there with a victory!…so it’s doubly brilliant that the place is evidently associated with the likes of both Peggy and MOTR.

So, with all that background, of course Peggy March had to have an equivalent in ‘The Radio Operators’!

The Radio Operators: A Twentieth Century Trilogy

The Radio Operators: Ellen’s Swastika – The Spirit Of St. Louis (The Principal Couples and Characters)

Edoardo Berner (Swiss-Italian-American fruit and wine merchant, from New York City) and Clarabelle McAndrew (Socialite, from St.Louis)

Isabella Berner (Sister of Edoardo and Partner in the business) and Sean Kirkpatrick (Irish-American owner of chain of grocers, from New York City)

Michael Kirkpatrick (Son of Isabella and Sean, USAAF Fighter-Bomber Pilot in WWII in skies over Italy) and Erin McClarty (Assembly Line Worker in warplane factory)

Brian Kirkpatrick (composer/record producer, from New York City — Son of Michael) and Anna-Dora — real name, Anastasia Theodorakis (Greek-American singer/composer/record producer, from New York City – singing credits as ‘Anna-Dora’, songwriting credits as ‘A. Theodorakis’) (Both later in Dublin)

The Laynettes Female Lead – Christine Davis Male Lead – Frankie Walker (later under different stage name of Francesco, based in Milan), Backing Vocals: Sandra ‘Sandie’ Bates, Normajeane Johnson, Darla Young. (All African-American, from Brooklyn)

Bridie Gale – Real name, Grazia Bordone (Italian-American singer, born Pittsburgh, later in Baltimore, NYC and Mainz)

Kemal Kadioglu (Turkish-American Pop music impresario, from NYC)

Ellen McAndrew (Sister of Clarabelle, Pioneer aviatrix)

Charles Berner (Son of Riccardo-Carlo Berner – see below – Founder of U.S. Affiliate of Riccardo-Carlo Berner’s and Janet Robertson’s confectionery company)

The Companies/Brands associated with the aforementioned:

Berners Fruit & Wine Merchants Inc.

Berners Fruit Punch

Kirkpatricks Grocery & Drugstores Inc.

Kirkpatricks Dragées

Katie Records Inc.

Custom Records Inc.

The Ladies’ Home Journal’s Girls’ Club

Robertson-Berners (U.S.A.) Inc.

…and some possible slogans/catchphrases/nicknames:

“As fresh as a Swiss mountain”

“When the day drags, have a Kirkpatricks Dragée”

“What will Katie do next?”

“Custom-made for your entertainment”

“Ladies and Gentlemen….we all adore her…it’s Anna-Dora”

“Singing up a storm…Bridie Gale”

“The Teen Tycoons of Pop”

The Radio Operators: Greta’s Swastika – The Best Of Enemies (The Principal Couples and Characters)

Riccardo-Carlo Berner (Son of Edoardo and Clarabelle, Cousin of Michael Kirkpatrick, Spanish Nationalist/Regia Aeronautica bomber pilot, confectionery entrepreneur, from Italian/Swiss frontier, near Lugano) and Janet Robertson (Scottish confectionery heiress, from Kilmarnock)

Parents of Janet Robertson – Iain Robertson & Agnes Kirkbride

Jimmy McCulloch (Scottish coal miner, political activist, volunteer Republican fighter pilot in Spanish Civil War, stoker on Arctic Convoys, from Muirhead) and Greta Saßmannshausen (League of German Maidens member, secretary for the S.S., from Halle)

Parents of Jimmy McCulloch — Arthur McCulloch & Catriona Livingstone (Coal Miner and Mill Worker, respectively)

Joachim Saßmannshausen (Brother of Greta, Spanish Nationalist/Luftwaffe bomber pilot, goes on to co-found a chain of motor and cycle factors, based in Scotland) and Marie Jordan (Prospective sister-in-law of Jimmy, from Bellshill, Vehicle Mechanic in WRAC in WWII)

William McCulloch (Brother of Jimmy McCulloch and prospective husband of Marie Jordan – Volunteer Firefighter during Luftwaffe air raids on Glasgow and surrounding settlements)

Parents of Joachim and Greta – Wilhelm Saßmannshausen & Ursula Grethe (Proprietor of Engineering Company and Volunteer in WWI munitions factory, respectively)

Lutz Weißmann (Boyfriend of Greta – Concentration camp guard, from Bernburg, later in Argentina)

Gaetano Rizzoli (Riccardo-Carlo’s radio operator/dorsal gunner, electrical goods entrepreneur settled in Kirkintilloch, originally from Milan)

Norbert Vogel (Joachim’s radio operator/dorsal gunner – Designer of radios, radiograms, hi-fi equipment and personal entertainment devices, from Krefeld) and Miriam Goldfarb/Maria Golborne/Miriam Goldfarb-Vogel (Pioneer Jewish-German Engineer – Most valued employee of Saßmannshausen Maschinentechnik G.m.b.H. Of Halle – Camp survivor and Inventor, originally from Berlin, later Halle & Los Angeles) (Both later Tel Aviv)

Rinaldo Rizzoli (Brother of Gaetano – Fighter Pilot in Spanish Nationalist air force, Regia Aeronautica – in Italian East Africa and the Russian Front – and ANR, from Milan) and Chiara del Bosco (Member of Italian Women’s Fascist Militia in Italian East Africa, from Milan)

Alfredo Rizzoli (Submarine Commander, based at the Betasom submarine base in Bordeaux, brother of Gaetano and Rinaldo) and Mireille Mornet (Local French woman)

Amedeo Ascoli (Bomber Pilot in Italian Colonial Air Force in attack on Abyssinia, later Riccardo-Carlo’s Co-Pilot) and Cara Magliara (Scots-Italian woman) (both later in Italy)

Federico Franchini (Scots-Italian man) and Elisabeta Mancuso (Woman from Cagliari)

Egidio Mancuso (Brother of Elisabeta – Riccardo-Carlo’s Flight Engineer) and Francesca Franchini (Sister of Federico)

Friedrich Koschwitz (Joachim’s Flight Engineer, from Cottbus) and Elaine Hansen (Scotswoman)

Egidio Mancuso and Friedrich Koschwitz later in Cambuslang (Joachim, Marie, Egidio and Friedrich co-founders of motor and cycle factors)

Other Rizzoli Siblings – Giulietta & Ilaria

Parents of the WWII generation Rizzoli Siblings – Rodolfo Rizzoli & Anna Santorini

Brigitte Vogel (Sister of Norbert Vogel – Volunteer in Air Raid Shelter in Krefeld)

Manfred Vogel (Brother of Norbert Vogel – Signals Officer in Kriegsmarine, based in Kiel)

Parents of WWII generation Vogel Siblings – Berthold Vogel & Viktoria Gelder-Brink

Juusta Vilenius (Joachim’s and Riccardo-Carlo’s ‘Vic’ Leader in the Ilmavoimat – Finnish Air Force)

Juusta Vilenius’ air crew:

Co-Pilot: Risti Makkala

Radio Operator: Erkko Parvalainen

Flight Engineer: Sven Lindfors

Bomb-Aimer: Antti Matkajärvi

Svetlana Berinskaya (Female Dive Bomber Pilot in Red Air Force and volunteer in Republican Air Force in Spanish Civil War, prisoner/forced worker at Joachim’s/Riccardo-Carlo’s/Juusta’s air base)

Gennadi Zhirinov (Soviet Soldier, prisoner/forced worker at Joachim’s/Riccardo-Carlo’s/Juusta’s air base)

Alastair Colback (U.S. War Reporter in Finland in WWII/Winter War/Continuation War)

Ronald Forster (U.S. War Photographer in Finland in WWII/Winter War/Continuation War)

Amedeo Ascoli’s aircrew in Abyssinia:

Co-Pilot: Roberto Gambrini

Radio Operator: Alessandro Campobasso

Flight Engineer: Federico Hohenegger

Other aircrew hitherto unmentioned:

Giovanni-Battista Bortolini: Chief Pilot to Riccardo-Carlo’s Co-Pilot in early stages of Spanish Civil War

Francesco Chiarelli: Riccardo-Carlo’s Bomb-Aimer

Albert Zenker: Joachim’s Co-Pilot

Georg Hirschfeld: Joachim’s Bomb-Aimer

Otto Oberländer: Joachim’s Beam Gunner

Moira Blaine (Riccardo-Carlo’s and Joachim’s Landlady on their respective crews first entry into Scotland, from near Leith Docks) and Georg Hirschfeld

Andrew McEevor (Prospective husband of Moira Blaine, Soldier in D-Day Landings)

The Companies/Brands associated with the aforementioned:

Robertsons Ltd.

Robertson-Berners (UK) P.L.C.

The R-B Bar,The Royal & The Banquet chocolate bars

KMS Motor & Cycle Factors Ltd.

Gaetano’s Gramophones/Rizzoli’s Radios Ltd.

Italectric P.L.C.

Saßmannshausen Maschinentechnik G.m.b.H

Vogelsang Konsum-Elektro G.m.b.H.

Birdsong Record Players and Radiograms Ltd.

Feather Consumer Products P.L.C.

The Feather Multi-Media Player, The Featherfone

…and some possible slogans/catchphrases:

“A rare beauty”

“A right Royal treat”

“A Banquet in a bar”

“A song sounds better on a Birdsong”

“Keep it all together…with a Feather”

The Radio Operators: Sunita’s Swastika – The Brown Angel Of Gallipoli (The Principal Couples and Characters)

Sunita Dholakia (Indian First World War nurse on Gallipoli front, from Jodhpur) and Mehmet Karadeniz (Ottoman soldier and POW,from Antakya)

Dilip Manjrekar (son of Sunita and Mehmet, anti-aircraft gunner in Alexandria, Egypt, Scottish-Indian owner of chain of grocers) and Margherita Franchini (Scottish-Italian, sister of Federico and Francesca)

Marnie Carney – real name Muriel Kinnaird (Scottish early-1970s pop singer, from Shotts) (later, Darla Young) and Arthur Awolowo (Scottish-West African early-1970s Reggae singer, from Glasgow) – Marnie Carney (much) later with Sandra ‘Sandie’ Bates

(Her band – Char-Lee) Lead Guitar – Alex Hutchinson, Bass Guitar – Bobby McHenry, Percussion – Frazer Franchini (Son of Federico and Elisabeta, later Media Mogul)

Reinaldo Rizzoli (Italian and Scottish Pop music impresario/record producer, son of Rinaldo and Chiara, from Milan, has a second home in Scotland to be near uncle)

Rae Jean (real name, Régine Rizzoli) (Daughter of Alfredo and Mireille, Cousin of Reinaldo, from Bordeaux, Pop Singer and TV Personality, later settled in Glasgow)

Carlotta Berner (Daughter of Riccardo-Carlo and Janet, in charge of Robertson-Berners UK)

Tommy Finucane (Irish Pop music impresario, from Dublin)

Mario Iannuci (Initially car factory worker, originally from Naples, settled in Rüsselsheim, later short career as Pop Singer, later still, Composer, Record Producer and Label Proprietor) and Elke Friedrich (Record Producer/A&R Woman/Showbiz ‘Fixer’, from Frankfurt-am-Main, of East German escapee extraction)

Sweet Letters (Dutch Girl Group of the late-1970s/early-1980s, from Eindhoven) Members: Anny van der Voort, Beatrix Wortel, Cidonie Bongards

Jana Friedková (Czechoslovak/Czech Pop Music artist active from mid-1960s to, on and off, the present day, from Brno)

Domenica Terazzi-Ascoli (Adoptive granddaughter of Amedeo and Cara, Ethiopian-born Italian long-distance runner, birth name of Deki Tirere, later TV actress and reality TV show contestant) and Martino Ascoli (Grandson, by birth, of Amedeo and Cara)

Parents of Martino Ascoli and Deki Tirere/Domenica Terazzi-Ascoli – Roberto Ascoli & Alessandra Fachetti

Scott Saßmannshausen (great-grandson of Joachim, Scots-born road and track cyclist, later competing in German colours) and Jessika Kaminski-Saßmannshausen (German road and track cyclist, from Halle – informally known by the German public by her initials, “Yott,Kah,Ess”, in German)

(Parents of Scott Saßmannshausen – Robbie Saßmannshausen & Karen Anderson, Parents of Robbie Saßmannshausen – Willie Saßmannshausen & Sheila McLeod)

Karl Berner (Great-grandson of Riccardo-Carlo, Prospective CEO of U.S. Affiliate of Robertson-Berners) (Parents of Karl Berner – Barry Berner & Laura Cathcart, Parents of Barry Berner – Charles Berner & Grainie McPherson)

…and the real-life pair of sisters affected…

Carene Cheryl (real name, Isabelle Morizet) (French Pop Singer (as Carene Cheryl)/Drummer (as Isabelle Morizet/Franchini)/Actress (as Carene Cheryl)/A&R Woman (as Isabelle Morizet/Franchini) /Media Mogul (as Isabelle Franchini), from Poissy, later settled in Scotland, via Milan – Wife of Frazer Franchini)

(In the real-life time-line later – from 1978 to resumption of being known under her birth-name in 2001 – known under the stage name, Karen Cheryl)

Sophia Morizet (Sister of Isabelle, French Guitarist/Occasional Actress/Spoken Word Artist/Record Producer, from Poissy, later settled in Scotland, via Milan – Wife of Alex Hutchinson, who was previously in a relationship with Normajeane Johnson)

…and other notable individuals

… «Mémé» Ibach (Italian Record Producer -originally of Carene Cheryl – later working for and with Reinaldo Rizzoli)

…and Reinaldo Rizzoli might also be interested in taking on the label-mates of Carene Cheryl, Les Chocolat’s (my first becoming aware of them thanks to discovering on-line that their ‘Kings of clubs’ appeared on a Various Artists LP from 1977, showcasing the best of «Mémé» Ibach’s then just one-year-old Disques Ibach label, Carene Cheryl herself being the headline act, of course!). See below for why I love Les Chocolat’s (erroneously referred to as ‘Chocolates’ in the caption that briefly appears on-screen)…especially for this sensational Disco number and this video…and strange though it is to report, despite the scantily-clad young ladies, I just can’t keep my eyes off the blokes…they’re priceless!


Consistency of spelling on record sleeves and labels was something of an ongoing difficulty for the Ibach stable, as it was still finding its feet in its first year of existence – affecting Carene’s own releases, at times, which must have been particularly frustrating for Carene, since at school, so it would seem from what I once encountered from a Facebook post from an old schoolfriend, she was described as a ‘good pupil’ (well, she did have alternative ambitions for a career in Medicine, so despite going on to being something of a pin-up, she was certainly no airhead!). Take a look at the pic sleeve of (Les) Chocolat’s’ ‘Kings of clubs’ single, for example. Do we include the French definite article, ‘Les’, or not? Is it ‘clubs’ or ‘club’? You decide! I’m also sure that Tony Pacino’s ‘You’ve go to know’ should really read ‘You’ve got to know’!…and although it’s rather more of a technical matter, there should, strictly speaking, be a comma in the middle of one of Carene’s titles on the album, such that it reads ‘Ne raccroche pas, je t’aime’.


…and – in the ‘T.R.O.’ time-line – it is not out of the question that Claude François survives the Spring of 1978, since he is in the UK at the time of his death in the real-life time-line and he is still alive today

…and there is a new opportunity for Cliff Richard

…likewise for Sally Carr, of Middle of the Road

…likewise for Czechoslovak/Czech Pop Music Artist, Hana Zagorová

The Companies/Brands associated with the aforementioned:

Discount Market Stores Ltd.

Triple-R Records Ltd.

Future Talent Ireland

Katie-Schallplatten (Deutschland) G.m.b.H.

Katie Records (Europe) Ltd.

K.S.-Radzubehör G.m.b.H.

Faxe Records Ltd.

The Sound Shop Recording Studios

MFFM (Broadcasting) P.L.C.

…and some possible slogans/catchphrases:

“Darla is our darling”

“Der singende Autohersteller”

“Das Rad wie ein Profi ausstatten”

The ‘Spin-Offs’ in the World of ‘T.R.O.’:

The book, ‘A Scotsman In The Luftwaffe – A Scotswoman In The S.S.: The Incredible True Story Of The Saßmannshausen Siblings’

The movie-within-the-story, ‘To Sir, With More Love’: The sequel to ‘To Sir, With Love’, filmed on location in Glasgow in 1975, for release the following year, to mark a decade since the original – soundtrack album a co-production between Triple-R and Katie (Europe)

The TV show, ‘Cliff, Claude and Carene’, starring Cliff Richard, Claude François and Carene Cheryl (Starts run in Early 1978)

(AKA ‘The Three C’s I’)

The TV show, ‘Carr, Carney and Carene’, starring Sally Carr, Marnie Carney and Carene Cheryl’ (Starts run in 1981)

(AKA ‘The Three C’s II’)

The instrumental album, (consisting of drum solos and a duet with Frazer Franchini), ‘Isabelle’s Birthday Bash’, recorded in one go on 19th July 1978, at Triple-R in Milan (Isabelle Morizet’s 21st Birthday – I think most sources on the Web that have the birth-year as 1955 are mistaken and the minority that have it as 1957 are correct, given what I have learned from more primary sources) This is out at more or less the same time as the album, ‘Karen: Direct From Philadelphia’ was in the real-life time-line. (There is no such person as ‘Karen Cheryl’ in the ‘T.R.O.’ time-line)

The TV show, ‘As Seen On Rae Jean’ (Starts run in 1980)

(‘Cliff, Claude and Carene’, ‘Carr, Carney and Carene’ and ‘As Seen On Rae Jean’ are all variety shows with top guest stars from both the UK and France…and the rest of the World and both ‘T.R.O.’ stars and real-life ones)

The band, Comme si – Lead Guitar/Vocals: Alex Hutchinson, Bass Guitar/Vocals: Sophia Hutchinson, Drums/Occasional Vocals: Frazer Franchini, Drums/Vocals: Isabelle Franchini.

The (West German) TV show, ‘Friedková im Fernsehen’, introducing artists from the eastern side of the Iron Curtain to the Western audience (Starts run in 1972)

From 1971 to 1977 all Eurovision Song Contest winners are different from those in the real-life time-line (they might have to be different from then on in as well). Therefore, ABBA’s career may also be affected, amongst others.

© 2010 – 2016: Cristoforo del Prato di Agrostide (Christopher Bentley)

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