Všetko najlepšie k narodeninám, Evička

Today should have been the 74th birthday of Eva Kostolányiová, had she not died on 3rd  October 1975, at the paltry age of 32, just short of her 33rd birthday on 2nd November of that year. Hence, the lack of an exclamation mark on this occasion, which is, of necessity, not a ‘celebration’, as such (I think that I should also make this a belated ‘In Memoriam’ from the 3rd of last month) – rather, a simple marking of this date.


Only just around a month before Eva would have ended up in the grave above in her home town of Trnava she would have made one of her last television appearances, in Bratislava, on the show, ‘Našich deväť’ (5th September 1975). This was that appearance, singing ‘More lásky’. The high glamour may have dissipated and it is notable that Eva does not appear to make much movement during the performance, since, by that time, she would probably have been in intense agony, but the singing talent remained until the bitter end.

It is entirely fitting that, also appearing in that edition of ‘Našich deväť’, was a veritable ‘A-List’ of fellow female artists from the Slovak half of Czechoslovakia – Jana Kocianová, Valérie Čižmárová and Eva Sepešiová. That’s what one would call a proper ‘send-off’.


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