Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám, Petruška!

Today is Petra Černocká’s Birthday!

So, what better a way of celebrating could there be but with two of her Greatest Hits and the thrilling B-Side to one of them.

We start with a performance of the theme to the reason why Petra is so embedded in a nation’s collective psyche – the 1971 film, ‘Dívka na koštěti’  (‘Girl On A Broomstick’) – the theme in question being ‘Saxana’, named after the role she played in the film, perhaps the sexiest witch ever witnessed on film. Here is a series of excerpts from the film.

Demonstrating her multitude of talents  (to go along with singing and acting) two years later Petra wrote both the music and lyrics to ‘Koukej, se mnou si píseň broukej’, the song that inextricably links her to that other great beauty of 1970s Czechoslovak Pop, none other than Valérie Čižmárová herself, who – after Petra was taken ill – stepped in as an understudy (that is quite an impressive understudy to have!…”Who shall I pick? Will Valérie Čižmárová suffice?”) to perform the song at the Bratislavská Lýra of 1973 (getting fourth place)

Valérie kicks off her eponymous 1975 LP with a nod towards that connection with Petra, concluding her medley of four ‘oldies’ with a burst of ‘Koukej, se mnou si píseň broukej’


On the B-Side to Petra’s own release of ‘Koukej, se mnou si píseň broukej’ was her covering of Soulful Dynamics’ ‘Coconuts From Congoville’, ‘Hádej mámo’. Until I’d heard of ‘Hádej mámo’ the names Soulful Dynamics and ‘Coconuts From Congoville’ would not have meant anything to me, so thank you, Petruška, for introducing me to this tune!

In a late modification to this post I can report that it has been discovered that – despite reports that GOTGE was apparently ‘unique’ – there is another Blog I have only just discovered by the name of ‘Funky Czech-In’, run by the Swiss-based Czech Musician and DJ, Lukáš Machata, AKA Lou Kash, that substantially covers artists (of both genders, in this instance) from the Czechoslovakia of more or less what could be described as ‘the GOTGE era’. One post on that Blog features Petra Černocká – in particular, her association with the aforementioned film.

I have requested a link to this post, so it would be churlish of me not to include a link to that post here, in return, in anticipation.


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