Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám, Miluška!

For yea verily is it now written in the Good Book that is the thoughts of Svatý Kryštof (St. Christopher) of Krásný Tábor nad Dřevnicí (Belper’s place-name literally translated into Czech) in GOTGE, that, only just over a month after the angelic witch, Petruška ‘Saxana’ (Černocká) did descend from Heaven in late 1949, the angel Miluška (Voborníková) did also descend from Heaven and there was rejoicing among Mankind – the emphasis being on the ‘Man’?

Yes – to paraphrase Slade’s Noddy Holder – “It’s Miluškamas!!!!”…and look what could be beside your ‘Miluškamas’ Tree!


If one were lucky enough to have been somewhere out in the fields of the Czechoslovakia of the 1970s one may have encountered this!


…or this, for another example.


It is entirely fitting that the lovely Miluška (is it not also fitting that part of that forename is pronounced ‘lush’?) should have performed a cover of a Slade song…as ‘To je dávno’ (‘That Was Long Ago’).

Here is Miluška, performing the ‘Waikiki znám’ mentioned on the cover of that pic sleeve above in 1976 on the celebrity game show, ‘Vtipnejší vyhráva’ (‘The Wittiest Wins’). I’d love to know who that is on the Blues Harp. It’s some amazing playing.

In 1969, at just nineteen (if one takes into account the fact of being born so late in the year) Miluška recorded something of an ‘Eastern Soul’ classic in the shape of ‘Pamatuju na to léto’ (‘Cast Your Mind Back To That Summer’).

…and to carry on the Soul theme here is Miluška with the aforementioned Petra from a New Year’s Eve special sometime in the 1980s performing my ‘party piece’ with Godfrey’s Grit ‘n’ Soul Band, ‘Hit The Road Jack’, as ‘Už to víme’ (‘We Already Know That’) with the amazing dancing of the Company of the Pražský komorní balet. It’s amazing to think that – with Petruška being connected to Valérie Čižmárová via the Petra Černocká-composed song, ‘Koukej, se mnou si píseň broukej’, for which Valinka deputised for Petruška at the Bratislavská Lýra of 1973 and the fact that Miluška and Valinka were such close friends in the Pop Music business (and Showbiz in general) – early- to mid-1970s Czechoslovakia had such a network of amazing young ladies…not forgetting that Valinka also worked with Jitka Zelenková and that Jitka, in turn, worked with Jana Kocianová.

Yes, while the Female Pop scene in the UK of the early-1970s mostly tanked after the glories of the 1960s, Communist-era Czechoslovakia could put together a network of that talent (AND beauty!) seemingly just for fun. Who were the real ‘unfortunate ones’ at that time???

Finally, since it is a time of year to chill out and melt into one’s sofa, here is Miluška at her most charming, performing ‘Měj mě rád’ (‘Love Me’…and who WOULDN’T?) in the 1972 period costume TV musical ‘Miláček’ (‘Darling’).

To think that Czechoslovakia had (and the Czech Republic has)  a celebrity birthday like this to associate with Christmas Day!








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