Boldog születésnapot, ‘Spousta příběhů’ és ‘Zrzek’!

One would have thought that, after a year of music-making like this, Valérie Čižmárová should have earned the right to a bit of a rest in-between Christmas Day and the New Year back in December 1973, but not a bit of it! On 27th December 1973 Valinka recorded ‘Spousta příběhů’ (‘Lots Of Stories’) and ‘Zrzek’ (‘Redhead’), with the accompaniment of Orchestr Karla Vlacha, in both cases and with the backing vocals being provided by Sbor Lubomíra Pánka in the case of the former. The music for ‘Spousta příběhů’ was written by Vladimír Rukavička (who had previously supplied Valinka with the song, ‘Říkáš pořád jak ti na mně záleží’, recorded on 28th August 1972) and the lyrics were written by Jaroslav Šprongl. The music for ‘Zrzek’ was written by Boris Potemkin and the lyrics were written by Hana Čiháková. So, it’s a ‘Happy Birthday!’ to those two records, then, thus bringing the curtain down on one the most beautiful and exciting years of sheer, brilliant Pop by anybody, anywhere, ever…and nobody rocked 1973 quite like the twenty-one-year-old Valinka! (well, apart from ‘Tak měj mě rád’ and ‘Mít aero a létat’, which were recorded when she was still twenty!)

Tak měj mě rád (So Just Love Me)

9th January 1973

Mít aero a létat (To Have A Plane And To Fly)

9th January 1973

Pojď jen dál (Just Come On)

8th February 1973

Sbohem, školní bráno (Farewell, School Gate)

8th February 1973

Důkaz mi dej (Prove It To Me)

4th May 1973


4th May 1973

V poschodí pátém (On The Fifth Floor)

9th July 1973

Malý princ (Little Prince)

9th July 1973

Žár léta (The Glow Of The Years)

24th July 1973

Láska na dlani (Love On The Palm Of Your Hand)

24th September 1973

Náhodou (By Chance)

24th September 1973

Both ‘Spousta příběhů’ and ‘Zrzek’ demonstrate that Valinka was a Soul Singer of the highest calibre and I think that ‘Spousta příběhů’ at least knocked on the door of being a ‘Northern’ floor-filler and the arrangement from Karel Vlach’s Orchestra could have been one of those cool TV signature tunes of that era, or a film theme.

Beforehand, Valinka’s pic sleeves had been in black and white, but ‘Spousta příběhů’/’Zrzek’ marked the beginning of the colour era – the funky new design being by Gustav Šeďa, with photography by Vilém Sochůrek, showing off Valinka’s dazzling beauty at the prime of her life to even greater effect.


That sky blue blouse also had an outing (probably with the same Photographer), this time in black and white, in two of the most charming photos taken of Valinka – also showing off her memorable scalloped-edged black suede hot pants, as worn for the rear cover of her eponymous LP.  A Communist country of some mere fifteen million souls could call this aching (AND hugely-talented!) cutie their very own. Wow!



Here are ‘Spousta příběhů’ and ‘Zrzek’, taken from Valinka’s Singles’ Collection from 1969 to 1973.

Listen and weep (if you’re British) that (supposedly) ‘Great’ Britain had NOTHING like this in 1973….with all our legendary advantages.


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