Boldog 40. születésnapot, ‘Tikot všech hodin’!

The great ‘Tikot všech hodin’ is forty today!!!

After yesterday’s celebration of the ‘birthday’ of Valérie Čižmárová’s ‘Belfast’ – having been ‘born’ on 2nd January 1978 – we are back in Disco territory again today, this time from a day under a year beforehand, Valinka’s ‘Tikot všech hodin’ (‘Ticking All The Time’)  – a cover of Donna Summer’s ‘Wasted’ – having been recorded on 3rd January 1977. Donna Summer being very much Giorgio Moroder’s ‘muse’, the music was composed by him (making this a re-acquaintance  with Giorgio Moroder’s work from some six years previously on Valinka’s part, ‘Looky Looky’, as ‘Léta letí’, having been recorded on 5th December 1970)  Czech-language lyrics coming from Richard Bergman and musical accompaniment coming from Pražské Smyčce, under the direction of Jan Hrábek.

After a relatively sparse few years in the actual recording studio in the time since the recording of her eponymous and one and only LP in the first half of 1974, this marked a return to a reasonably consistent run of recordings that would last into the Summer of 1977 and boy did it show what the listening public had largely been missing! If one were to choose a tune to ‘re-boot’ one’s recording career ‘Tikot všech hodin’/’Wasted’ is about as close to perfection as one could get – an utterly mesmerising (and quite long, at four minutes-plus) melody, sung by one of the very few artists around who could improve on a Great like Donna Summer.

Talking of anniversaries, thanks to having been invited into the  ‘Valérie ČIŽMÁROVÁ’ Facebook Group it has come to my attention that the following subsequent televised performance of ‘Tikot všech hodin’ on the show, ‘Chvíle pro písničku – Valerie Čižmárová’ (‘A Short While Of Song – Valerie Čižmárová’)  would have been on a very significant date for Valinka. It was originally broadcast on 18th April 1978 and it transpires that 18th April is the Feast Day of St. Valérie. (So that’s another important date for my diary!)

Fittingly, therefore, it is a heavenly performance!


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