GOTGE has been re-branded again!

In the course of setting up the sister Blog to GOTGE, the Valérie Čižmárová Fan Blog, ‘Bananas For Breakfast’,  I noticed that the social media icons set themselves up immediately below the site photo, unlike when I was setting them up in GOTGE, where I was directed towards setting them up in the hidden area behind the site heading (the ‘widgets area’), which was always somewhat annoying. In the course of cross-referencing how one could customise WordPress sites between the two Blogs to get around this it also became evident that, unlike I’d imagined it, it wasn’t set in stone that the Blog was entitled ‘girlsofthegoldeneast’, instead of being spelled out in separate words, which itself was also annoying. So, those two annoyances have now been rectified thanks to my thinking to set up a new site dedicated to Valinka herself.

Since I now do have a site for Valinka I have also used this as an opportunity to change the site photo so that there isn’t so much focus on her, which gives an opportunity to show off various others in action on stage (I looked around for photos I have saved and took screenshots off YouTube videos of GOTGE either at microphone stands or clutching microphones, so it was obvious that the miniature photos were of Pop Singers singing).

My apologies to a famously Hungarian-speaking personality like Valinka that it turned out that I didn’t get any Hungarian artists in there. Maybe I’ll have a chance sometime down the line to shoehorn one in!

Finally, I am glad to use this also as an opportunity to report that, some weeks ago, I spotted that the photo that I’d failed to think to save of Jitka Zelenková in action on stage at the Bratislavská Lýra (of 1969, I think) and thought I’d missed for ever after frantically searching (in vain) around the Web for it, was part of the accompanying photography in a YouTube video, so I grabbed the chance to save that off that video. It is a sensational photo! (Signed, too!)…and that simply had to be one of the photos for the new GOTGE heading image.



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