2 + 1 on 01/02

This charming YouTube video (uploaded on 30th September last year) of the three-member Polish group, Dwa Plus Jeden (Two Plus One) has just, by accident, come to my attention, so, since we are still just in ’01/02′, as I write, I thought I’d get it out there while I still had the chance. Over on the ‘Sister Blog’ to ‘Girls Of The Golden East’, ‘Bananas For Breakfast’, I have just featured the beginning, at this time of year in 1974, of the recording of the eponymous album of Valérie Čižmárová, which is kicked off with a medley of ‘oldies’, including the song that she had performed on behalf of the then-indisposed Petra Černocká at the Bratislavská Lýra of 1973, ‘Koukej, se mnou si píseň broukej’ (‘Look, Hum The Song With Me’). At that same Bratislavská Lýra, Dwa Plus Jeden performed ‘Hej, dogonię lato’ (‘Hey, I’m Going To Catch Up With Summer’), with music by Janusz Kruk and lyrics by Marek Dutkiewicz.

Dwa Plus Jeden, formed now just over half a century ago in January 1971, were Elżbieta Dmoch on vocals and flute, the aforementioned Janusz Kruk, here on vocals guitar and harmonica and Andrzej Rybiński on vocals and guitar and here they are in action.

Our latest ‘Girl Of The Golden East’, Elżbieta Dmoch!

With the last ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ post featuring Bulgaria’s Светла Стоева (Svetla Stoeva) this is perhaps that rare example of two ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ posts in a row not involving Czechoslovakia, since, although Czechoslovakia was something of a scene-stealer for me, I don’t want readers to go away with the impression that I’m totally obsessed with that country!

Two ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ posts plus….

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