The Story So Far (06 March 2016 14:33:25) & (06 March 2016 21:39:43) (‘GOTGE’ Posts re-visited)

If ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ readers would like to know where I was at this time half-a-decade ago as I write I was just about beginning my ‘infamous’ extended nap in Room No. 203 at the Hotel Dominika, Petržalka, in-between writing this and this ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ post – originally E-Mails to my brother – with the same – now somewhat ‘tired’! – laptop as the one with which I am composing this post!

It seems almost unreal to think that the personal and global World that existed then – with everything that has gone on since – is a mere five years ago and thinking about that time fairly takes me back to my unforgettable first walk in the green space around the Chorvátské rameno; the canal-like stretch of water that acts as a flood regulation measure for the nearby River Danube.

I cannot stress strongly enough to ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ readers how much I would recommend that diversion from the City Centre of Bratislava, as the travel Blog writer, Emily Lush at her Blog, ‘Wander-Lush’ also recommends at this post, to which I simply had to react!

One of the Facebook Groups to which I belong is dedicated to the singer, Miluška Voborníková. Taking a look at those clearly turbulent waters of the Danube in the shot looking from the Castle in the direction of Petržalka it makes it quite remarkable how – even on a summer’s day, unlike the wintry day on which that shot on the ‘Wander-Lush’ Blog was taken – this stunning shot of Miluška in 1971, recently shared by ‘Yours Truly’ at her Facebook Group from the ‘’ site, was arranged. This is also the 47th Anniversary of the recording of Valérie Čižmárová’s ‘Koňskou dráhou’ (‘On The Horse Tram’), which was used as background music for a scene in the 1974 film ‘Jak utopit dr. Mráčka aneb Konec vodníků v Čechách’ (‘How To Drown Dr. Mráček, Or The End Of The River Sprites In The Czech Lands’), in which film Valérie Čižmárová played a singing river sprite – ‘vodníčka’ in its feminine form. So I felt almost obliged to pass a comment there referring to Miluška as ‘a beautiful river sprite in the Danube’ there a slight error admittedly creeping in in all the excitement, the ‘i’ in that word needing to be lengthened to ‘í’!

Unfortunately, it appears that this has been removed from the actual page to which the above Facebook post links, but fortunately I have managed to download it so the shot can be seen in its full format, where the Castle from which that photo at ‘Wander-Lush’ was taken is visible in the background, with a suitably corrected caption. I think one can see why I had to share it!

Krasná vodníčka v Dunaje

This might have been an easier proposition to put together in her rather calmer native river, the Jizera, at Mladá Boleslav, where I have also myself been – in my last visit to the Czech Republic in June 2019 – so I know what it’s like there!

As I end writing this post, as the 40th Anniversary memorial concert for Eva Kostolányiová where I should have been, was in its second hour, I still had, incredibly, another two-and-a-half-plus hours’ sleep to go!

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