A slimline ‘Tonica’

As a result of trying to remind myself what exactly Jezinky, the very frequently appearing backing group from Czechoslovakia, means, it being in my head that whereas Bezinky, the name of the girl group from Czechoslovakia, meant ‘Elderberries’ Jezinky meant ‘Elderflowers’ – very topical of late on account of my having recently made several batches of home-made elderflower champagne – I have been well and truly disabused of that impression. It transpires that the real meaning is ‘The Witches’.

A further by-product of this research is that I have at last manged to put a name and a face to one of their number, the lead singer, Bobina Ulrichová. This discovery has been reflected in my updating the text at the ‘Valérie Čižmárová: A Life In Pictures’ page of the ‘sister Blog’ to ‘Girls Of The Golden East’, ‘Bananas For Breakfast’, making it a definite that the backing group for Valérie Čižmárová’s performance of ‘Věřím’ (‘I Believe’) on the television show, ‘Interparáda č. 9’ on 15th August 1974 was, indeed, Jezinky.

At that page readers will note that Bobina Ulrichová is described as ‘famously slimmer than Twiggy’. As the title of this ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ Blog post perhaps implies this links in very neatly with the half-female/half-male Bulgarian group Тоника (Tonica) via the covering by both Bobina Ulrichová and Тоника of The Rubettes’ smash-hit ‘Sugar Baby Love’, in the former’s case as ‘V srdci lásku mám’ (‘I Have Love In My Heart’) and in the latter’s case as ‘Светлина’ (‘Svetlina’) (‘Light’). In both cases the music was by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington and in the former’s case the Slovak-language lyrics came from Gustáv Hupka and in the latter’s case the Bulgarian-language lyrics came from Димитър Михайлов (Dimitr Michajlov). Regarding instrumental accompaniment, in the former’s case it was provided by Orchester Gustava Broma (The Gustav Brom Orchestra) and in the latter’s case by Естраден Оркестър На Комитета За Телевизия И Радио (Estraden Orkestr Na Komiteta Za Televizija I Radio) (Variety Orchestra Of The Bulgarian Radio And Television), conducted by Найден Андреев (Naiden Andreev), not forgetting the other members of Jezinky on backing vocals in the case of the former! Here is the single on which ‘Светлина’ appeared as the B-Side and the album on which it appeared as a track.

Top (single) & Left (album): Ева Найденова (Eva Naidenova), Left (single) & Right (album): Стефан Диомов (Stefan Diomov), Right (single) & Top (album): Георги Найденов (Georgy Naidenov), Bottom (single) & Bottom (album): Ваня Костова (Vanya Kostova).

Unfortunately, ‘Светлина’ does not appear on YouTube, but ‘V srdci lásku mám’ very much does, so here is Bobina Ulrichová in action ‘performing’ it.

More ‘slimline tonic’ than ‘elderflower champagne’!

It appears that this was one ‘Witch’ as thin as a broomstick, with all due apologies to Bobina!

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