Všechno nejlepší k 75. narozeninám, Haničko!

The singer who effectively launched ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ and, by implication, its ‘sister Blog’, ‘Bananas For Breakfast’, Hana Zagorová, is at her very significant three-quarter-century mark today, so it’s a very Happy 75th Birthday to her from ‘Girls Of The Golden East’!

If she ever got to read this and understood the English I’m sure she’d be delighted that I’ve sort of given her a birthday ‘present’ by at last getting it together, after all the years that ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ has been in existence, to add the artist due to whom my Blog has been made possible to my record collection in the shape of that cover version of Middle Of The Road’s ‘Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum’, ‘Pan Tydlitýt a pan Tydlitát’ (‘Mr Tydlitýt And Mr Tydlitát’) – backed by ‘Nádraží v městečku M’ (‘The Railway Station In The Little Town T’) – that set the ball rolling towards setting up ‘Girls Of The Golden East’.

To write, here, of a half-century mark rather than a three-quarter-century one, on 22nd of this month the fiftieth Anniversary of the recording, at the Dejvice Studio, of ‘Pan Tydlitýt a pan Tydlitát’ will be coming up, so ordering a copy today will, all being well, give it time to arrive here to make a YouTube video of the song in celebration of this auspicious occasion. That will be on the same day as the fiftieth Anniersary of the recording, also at Dejvice, of Valérie Čižmárová’s cover of The Sweet’s ‘Co-Co’, as ‘Koko’, so there will be a double celebration that day, after a double celebration two days beforehand of the fiftieth Anniversaries of the recordings of ‘Nádraží v městečku M’ and the flip side to ‘Koko’, ‘Pán s loutnou’ (‘The Gentleman With The Lute’).

Here is a still taken from the YouTube video that I first briefly encountered way back in the summer of 2013 of Hana performing ‘Pan Tydlitýt a pan Tydlitát’, before I returned to it two years down the line, after which the momentum in the direction of ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ became unstoppable.

Ah! So this is what Eastern Bloc Pop is all about, is it?

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