Všechno nejlepší k 50. narozeninám, ‘Nádraží v městečku M’!

We are half-a-century down the line today from the recording, at the Dejvice Studio, Prague of Hana Zagorová’s ‘Nádraží v městečku M’ (‘The Railway Station In The Little Town T’), the flip side to ‘Pan Tydlitýt a pan Tydlitát’ (‘Mr Tydlitýt And Mr Tydlitát’), to be recorded another two days later, with the following credits:

Music: Jindřich Brabec

Lyrics: Petr Rada

Accompaniment: TOČR, (Josef Vobruba)

Backing Vocals: Jezinky

Production: Michael Prostějovský

Cover Design: Arch. Karel Lodr

Cover Photography: Alexandr Janovský

To mark this occasion I have uploaded a YouTube video of the record that just came in time in this morning’s post, playing on my system. Here it is.

Arriving on YouTube from the little town ‘B’ (Belper)!

I hope ‘Girls Of The Golden East’ Blog readers enjoy this trip back to the big city ‘P’ fifty years ago!

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